About the Author

PAM FOX has a lot in common with Kate Corliss, the amateur sleuth featured in The Art of Murder mystery series.

They both like to hike, bike (mostly on roads, but sometimes on trails), and kayak. They love being outdoors and are deeply interested in wildlife and birds. They even read the same novels.

Pam Fox spends half the year traveling in a 26-foot RV. From 2012 to 2016 she lived aboard full-time, roaming throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her RV is bigger than Kate’s truck camper, but the two women share a preference for back roads and boondocking.

Before she moved aboard the Winnebago with her black cat Metta, Pam Fox owned a Lance truck camper like Kate’s and spent weekends and vacations in it from Ohio to Quebec. Once she went so far north in that province that the people she met spoke English and Cree instead of French.